Photographers of XR

Although I’m a very active member of my local XR group, I often feel invisible. Being the photographer, videographer and social media person – means that I’m behind the camera at the Actions. 📷📷📷

May 2020 has been busy for @xrabingdon – I’ve documented 3 local actions, installed & promoted the ‘Boats of Hope’, made windsocks and other XR crafts with my kids, and bashed out my frustrations during the weekly online samba practice (including a regional one with 70 participants!) .

I was the only rebel not on a bike at yesterday’s cycle action, I was waving my flag at the side lines. But I am far from being left out. 🚩🚩🚩

A fellow rebel sent me this lovely message: ‘ I would like to make sure that you know that being at an action and taking such brilliant pictures makes all the effort worthwhile.
If there were no pictures it would be a transient event but with them we can spread the message much further. Having decent pictures is so much better than phone snaps too. Please keep doing what you are doing because it is valuable and important.❤❤❤’ .

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