This is me

I’m an advocate for sustainable fashion design and low-waste living. I used to run an ethical fashion business (2006 – 2012) but after a career break for family life, I’m not so sure if the world needs more fashion designers. Rather than adding to the system through creating more garments, my new approach is to regenerate the clothing that is already in the system – ie, items in our wardrobe, or buying second hand. I’m a big fan of mending & upcycling and try to encourage others to be creative, and bringing design into the control of the individuals. 

Right now I’m channelling my energy into my day job as a Marketing & Publicity Manager for Fairtrade at St Michaels (2011 – present day).

When I’m not working or looking after my children, I’m heavily involved with environmental activism. I’m an active member of Extinction Rebellion Abingdon and Parents For Future, and have been involved with public outreach about the climate crisis.

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