Safer Streets

I’ve always been an advocate for walking, and I walk pretty much everywhere within my local town. Before lockdown, I would walk my daughters to and from school – through rain, gales and snow. Earlier on this week I took part in a social media action to encourage Oxfordshire County Council to make the streets safer for walking and cycling – zero-carbon modes of transport that have shared benefits for all. πŸ’š

Our walk to school takes around 15 mins, and it’s a 20 min walk into town or the local park. I know many people who regularly drive short distances, but walking is *so much more* than a mode of transport. This week we enjoyed spotting wild flowers that had sprung from the most unlikely places. We’ve brought chalk along to add to our growing vine in a public walkway. We’ve found painted rocks that other people have hidden, and look forward to re-hiding these another day. My daughters comes home with pine cones, leaves, pebbles and twigs stuffed in their pockets. We chat, tell stories and share thoughts. It gives us an opportunity to connect with each other and also with nature. 🌱🌱🌱

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